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List your aircraft FREE for 45 days. You may cancel at ANY TIME, including during the 45 day FREE period, and you will owe nothing. To prove we are serious, you don't even provide your credit card iformation when you list with

If you choose to continure your listing beyond the FREE 45 day period, just let us know, our rate is only $27/month.

Yes, your 45 day listing is FREE!



Thank you! You're my new best friend. I had tried selling my Cessna 185 through my local paper, the Jackson Sun and even placed an ad in the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. After three weeks in the newspaper, I never received the first call. A hanger buddy told me about and my 182 sold in two weeks, even in this market!

I cannot thank you enough, and it didn't cost me a dime to sell it. I'll miss that old bird, but in times like this ... it is good to have help from TradePlanes.

Donald G., Jackson, TN



Thanks for the free listing on TradePlanes. I especially liked the fact that you allowed the posting of several high resolution pics of my 1981 Seneca III.

Listing was easy and a buyers started contacting me almost immediatily. Some were just "bargain hunting", but a serious buyer from Colorado contacted me last week. He paid my asking price and picked it up yesterday. Please cancel my listing and thanks for your help.

Kennith C., Sacremento, CA.



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